Japanese Embroidery in the UK

My first show in the U.K
It has been ten years since I first took part in the “Knitting and Stitching Show”. At first, I could not think of what to do but display my work and to demonstrate my embroidery there. But despite my apprehension, during the four days of the first show I participated in, which was in London, I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic response of the visitors. Many questions were thrown at me, their subjects varying not only from details of techniques and the materials that I use, but also to the symbolism of the designs and the history of Japanese embroidery. And, to my greatest delight, many more than a few people queried me on how they could become involved in Japanese Embroidery themselves. This was my first encounter in this country, with the people with whom I share the love and ardour towards the art of embroidery.

After the first show
In October, After the shows had ended, I had realized that I had become a lot busier. A few of the many tasks that had to be completed included replying to the inquiries of the visitors and organizing classes and workshops. This was all alongside the preparation for the exhibition in the following year. It was already spring when I had finished sending the letters to each of the visitors who had left their addresses with me in the show in September.

The Embroiderers’ Guild
With the invitations from various Embroiderer’s Guilds, I gained opportunities to visit many different parts of this country. I received each invitation to a different place with great pleasure but little, compared with the enjoyment of being there, spending time with embroiderers throughout Britain.

Future prospects
The themes of my work, have been changing since I have started embroidering. But from about four or five years ago, I started to take a particular interest in “The beginning”, “The birth of all life”, metamorphisis and the continuation of existence. Everything, even if they lose their shape, continues evolving and affecting other beings. I felt a strong desire to produce work that have positive effects on the minds of other people. While these thoughts were floating aimlessly in my mind, I discovered English goldwork and suddenly, these images took a clear form. Gold work was exactly what filled in the lacking pieces in my work to convey this new theme. This is when my style took a new turn for the first time, with the combination of Japanese Embroidery from the East, and goldwork from the West.